Jaguar's Lair

Please click below to view information concerning Jaguar's Lair: press release, press release #2, Email 14-12-22, Email 14-12-31, and the Engineer Report. 

 Mediation Update

The Mediation held on May 6, 2015 ended with the Mediator declaring the pre-litigation mediation an impasse. Please click below to view the press release. 

Town Calls the Bonds

The Town has officially notified the bond company for Coastal Communities at Ocean Ridge Plantation, LLC of its claims against the surety bonds for Sections 1, and 2.A. - 2.C. in Phase VI which is often referred to as Jaguars Lair. The next step in the process is for the Town to wait for a response from the bond company regarding the Town's claims. Please click below to read the press release.

Town Files Complaint

Attorney Grady Richardson filed a complaint on behalf of the Town against Bond Safeguard Insurance Company in regards to Jaguar's Lair. Please click here to view the complaint.