Oceanfront Community Comparisons

Residents, visitors, realtors, business owners, and prospective property owners are always curious about how Sunset Beach compares to other communities.

The tendency is to compare Sunset Beach with contiguous towns – Calabash, Ocean Isle, Holden Beach, and Shallotte. Such a comparison, however, is comparing apples to oranges. Neither Calabash nor Shallotte is a “beach or ocean front town” and, therefore, does not have the same responsibilities or challenges as Sunset Beach.

A major factor that must always be taken into account when comparing Sunset Beach to any other community is its unique geography. Of our 6.3 square miles of land area, the majority is located on the mainland. Approximately 100 of our 3,572 permanent residents live on the island.

The document entitled, How Does Sunset Beach Compare to Other NC Beacch Towns, paints a picture of exactly that. We hope you find this information informative and when you are done, we think you will agree that Sunset Beach ranks very well when compared to other similar towns in North Carolina.