Inspections Policy
  • Green permit cards shall be visible from the street and protected from the weather during construction.
  • A copy of stamped approved plans shall be on-site at the time of inspection.
  • A Building Permit Number shall be required at the time of inspection request.
  • The Permit Holder shall request their own inspections during the construction process.
  • Contact the Inspections Department at (910) 579-0068 or (910) 579-0075 to schedule an inspection. Inspection requests shall be called in before 4:00 pm to be scheduled for the following business day.
  • If an Inspector cannot meet a scheduled request, the Inspections Department will notify the contractor.
  • If a job fails inspection or is not ready for inspection, the contractor is subject to a reinspection fee that will be due prior to the next inspection request.
  • No furniture may be moved into the home until a Certificate of Occupancy is issued.
  • All required documents must be on file one week prior to a request for Final Inspection for a Certificate of Occupancy. The following documents are required:
    1. Original Foundation Survey and/or Final Survey
    2. Original Elevation Certificate for finished construction (if applicable).
    3. The completed storm water system shall have Engineer’s stamped approval (if applicable).
    4. Wastewater system approval for operation.
  • No Inspections from other jurisdictions may be performed in Sunset Beach unless there is a real emergency and the inspections are authorized by the Sunset Beach Town Administrator.