Fire Department Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the fire department flow water from my fire hydrant so often?

The Sunset Beach Fire Department tests all fire hydrants in the district twice a year. Fire hydrants are tested to ensure they are in working order and have enough water pressure to provide a sufficient flow for fighting a fire. No shrubbery, trees, or other obstructions are permitted around the hydrant within 36”.

How do I request a tour of the fire station?

To request a tour of a fire station or to schedule a fire engine visit to your site, call 910-579-2456.

How can I get a copy of a fire report?

Fire reports may be obtained from Station 1 located at 102 W. Shoreline Drive, Monday thru Friday, 8:30 am-5:00 pm.

Does the fire department service fire extinguishers?

No, the fire department does not service fire extinguishers. There are private fire protection companies that offer those services. They can be found in the phone book.

Where can I purchase a fire extinguisher?

Portable fire extinguishers can be purchased at a wide variety of retail stores. Home improvement centers and hardware stores generally carry adequate selections from which to choose.

What is the best kind of fire extinguisher for my house?

A multi-purpose fire extinguisher is best for any home. Look for the rating to be at least 2A:10B: C on the label. This extinguisher can be used on any type of fire commonly found in the home. It will often be labeled A-B-C.

Where can I purchase an evacuation ladder?

Escape ladders for residential evacuations from the second floor areas can be found at most home improvement centers or through online fire safety websites.